Disciple :

Sathguru Maharaj, Can you please tell me why Lord Ganesa, the Elephant God, has moonjuru (mouse) as His chariot car?

Sathguru :

In this kaliyuga, one always perceives others by valuing their physical appearance rather than the real innate beauty. Though Moonjuru vaahanam seems a misfit for Lord Ganesha on the first look, you must go deep into the matter to know the spiritual background behind this interesting subject.

Moorthi siridhaay irundhaalum keerthi periyadu:

There have always been powerful short Mahaans, Rishis and even boothams who have played, are playing and will play a critical role in the ever continuing conundrum of time and space.

The Rishis:

One interesting proponent would be Shri Valakilya Maharishi. Surprisingly though he measures to the size of a human thumb he plays a critical role in the sunrise process. It would be a cake walk for him to delay or even stop the sunrise if he wishes; such is his Thapa Shakthi (Highly concentrated spiritual energy by performing thapas). But such Maharishis never misuse their powers but synchronize their energy and soul, dedicating them entirely for the well being of the cosmos.

But the favorite of all the short rishis would be none other than Lord Agasthiar himself. Shorter he is but the divine role he played in vanquishing the kalakeyas by cupping the entire ocean waters in the hand and consuming them, talks volumes of his prowess and artistry.

The Boothams:

Often one would relate the talents of any demon/bootham to the physical strength or the magical wonders they garner through penance. But something that is quite unique and defying human inquisitiveness would be the creativity of the boothams.

The kulla boothams that spring up during the celestial wedding ceremony of Lord Shiva on Panguni Utthiram is a case in point. It is a traditional practice that’s followed in every wedding festival to beckon percussionist during the wedding ceremony. If we ordinary mortals arrange such events, can one hardly imagine what would be the grand scene in the Lord of lords’ marriage ceremony? Any practitioner of ‘Thaala Vaathiyams’ (percussion instruments like drums and the likes) like Mirudangam, Thavil, Ganjeera, tabla, dolak, dolki, congos, bongos etc. will definitely know how difficult it is to come out with innovative beats. But the kulla boothams of Panguni Utthiram are so creative that they not only come up with new beats every time they play (from the inception of this divine event millions of years ago) but also come up with different instruments each time the event comes up. Their beats are never repeated!

Quotes from Agasthia Nadi on “Panguni Uththiram”

Naadha Vedha Siddha Bootha; Naal-Irandu Koadiyae,

Vedha Yoga Gyaana Bootha; Yettu-Irandu Koadiyae,

Geetha Gyaanam Paadum Bootham; Paththu-Irandu VeLamaai,

Botham Yogam Pugalum Bootham; Aari-IRendILakkame.

Nanra Vedha Bootha KanangaL; Yezhu-Irandu Koadiyae,

Ninra Vedha Bootha KanangaL; Yettu-Irandu Koadiyae,

Andharathil Ninru-Iyangum , Bootham- Aaru Koadiyae,

Vindhai Puriyum Nadha Bootham; Ai-Irandu Koadiyae,

Moonru Logam Oadi Aadum Muk-Gunaththu BoothangaL,

Moonru Thaththuva-Murai Unnarndha Moanai Gyana BoothangaL.

Moonru Yoga Muraiyai Karkum Muthirntha yoga BoothangaL,

Moonru Kodi KanangaL Petra Vaalai Soola BoothangaL.

SadaiKaLum OligaLum SudargaLume; Sundara Naadhanai Ezhupudhu paar,

Sundara Naadhan Ezhundhuvittaan, Suttramellaam Aaduthu paar.

Appearances are often deceptive:

Kalibandanan, approximately two inches in height weighs an amusing half a ton (approx). He plays an important role in the lives of the Asuras. He was once part of Soorapadhman’s army. He plays a crucial role in the asuras lives by “sticking” the part of asuras after they are slain down by their enemies. This way, the severed parts of the body of the demons are reunited helping them to fight back against the Devas. He comes out with a kind of chemical that is many a times powerful than the present existing adherents thus attaching the different parts of the asuras body enabling a successful re-combination.

Once, the Veerabahu brothers were fighting against the asuras at the Krounjagiri (the magic fortress of the demons). There they met a tiny asura (Kalibandanan). They were surprised as well as delighted to find out an extremely tiny asura. Immediately turning playful and proud of their prowess they lofted the kulla boodam with their swords. They started playing Tennicoit with the boodham. The boodham also played along with the brothers. The brothers not ashamed of bragging continued to swagger by playing with the tiny bootham. They planned to squash the demon at one shot like that directed towards volleyball. And as they moved in for the kill directing their powerful hands towards the tiny asura, the demon decided it’s time for it to show who it was and came out with the mysterious chemical substance (the powerful glue). Alas! All the nine brothers were glued together at their hands and could do nothing. They were trapped and were at the mercy of the kulla boodham.

Never underestimate the dwarfs:

Listening to the prayers of Veerabahu and the brothers, Lord murugan carried out the rescue operation. Finally, the brothers realizing their mistake went ahead apologizing to the kulla boodham and said they would never underestimate anybody from their physical appearance. It is important to know that the shorter ones take little time to react and reflect at external impulses than the taller ones, this is because the blood circulation as well as the electrical impulses takes little time to travel from their toes to their heads, whereas the taller ones are a little unfortunate considering the same.

This helps them take better and quicker decision, allows them to be shrewd – for example – they can act at ease to assume knowing things that they don’t know and make the others believe that they are indeed master of those acts. This alacrity and shrewdness should be best utilized for the good deeds by the taller ones by befriending them. Such friendship between the taller and the shorter ones will do well for both of them and would complement each other.

Moonjuru an Apt Vahaanam:

Such thorough analysis of the prowess (physical, mental and spiritual) of the shorter and the smaller ones throws light into the divinity imbibed in the moonjuru and reveals a glint of the eternal truth behind its presence as the Lord Ganesha’s Vaahanam.

Animal Deification – Role of Elephant and Peacock:

Everyone knows about the divine role played by Lord Shiva in cutting down Lord Ganesha’s head and replacing that with the head of an Elephant. It is also equally important to understand the role played by the elephant Neelabalan, which remained in deep thapas for thousands of years to be consecrated in the form of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. Such is the divinity of the animal, a true example of the apothegm - dedication and faith leads us to His abode.

Peacock (Mayil) represents awesome power that would split the evil and tear them apart. Proper worship of the Mayil vaahanam helps one to protect themselves from the enemies. It helps fight oneself against the evils and the enemies. Hence, peacock a fierce and true protector of goodness is an apt vaahanam of Lord Murugan.

Salutations Ohm Lord Moonjuru Vaahana! Salutations Ohm Lord Mayil Vaahana! Salutations Ohm Lord Muruga! Salutations Ohm Lord Ganesha!

om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya
om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi
om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam


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