There is no human being on earth who is not fond of enjoying good health. Contrary to this common wish there exists no human being who can boast of possessing cent per cent robust health. Disease is an inevitable thing in the modern world. It is a wise thing to face this inevitable experience than trying to avoid a malady. It is generally believed that diseases are brought about by germs, polluted environment, wrong habits, etc. Siddhas are of the view that all diseases are results of our past deeds. Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. It follows from this that the present reaction called disease should have a previous action sown either in this birth or in our previous births. A clear and complete understanding of this concept is a must to face any disease and get out of it without much discomfort.

The Kusa Cure is not a new system of medicine. It is a concept dedicated by the Siddhas of Eternity to help the modern man to get easy cure from whatever system of medicine he practises. As reiterated by Siddhas the concept of Kusa will bring about positive results only. For a diseased mind and body, cure is the only positive result. That is bestowed by the Kusa Cure. Devoted practice of the following concepts will bring about certain cure for any type of disease.


Directions play an important role in our daily life and especially in the field of health they prove to be very much helpful. For e.g. when you take food and medicines facing the direction of east, you will enjoy good health and long life. For deep mental activities, the direction of north is recommended. To have further awareness of the effect of the directions, we should understand the relationship between directions and numbers. Yes, directions too have relationships with numbers! Study carefully the numbers assigned by the Siddhas for the known directions in our general use.

Number Direction
4South East
6South West
7North West
8 West
9 North East


The following are some of the areas where the concept of Kusa Cure can be applied for treating patients suffering from any type of disease.

  1. While diagnosing the patients, the physician should face the direction which has the Kusa effect on that particular date. We have already furnished the method of calculating the Kusa number for any number. Following this the Kusa number for the particular day on which the diagnosis takes place should be calculated. The Kusa number should correspond to the direction number given above to get accurate diagnosis as well as to assure positive prognosis for the patient. For e.g. diagnosis on day one of a month may be carried out by the physician facing the direction of west. For the date number 1, Kusa number is 2 and the direction for number 2 is west. Similarly, diagnosis on 2nd day will be done by the physician facing the direction of South east, for date number 2, Kusa number is 4 and the direction that corresponds to number 4 is south east.

  2. When there are three beds in a clinic, hospital or room, the centre bed will have the Kusa effect. The patients in critical stage can be admitted in the central bed, so that cure will be brought about immediately. It is one of the Kusa concepts that when there are three identical objects in a row, the central object will have the kusa effect.

  3. The alphabets or letters of all languages are the creation of Goddess Saraswathi. Each word will carry divine force while written or spoken or used otherwise. In the system of Kusa Cure we can combine the numerological effect of the name of medicines with the a) direction b) date of use or prescription c) quantity of the medicines d) number of days the course of treatment will run.

Calculation of numerological equivalent for medicines : Let us assume that a patient is suffering from fever and he approaches a doctor who practises allopathic system of medicine. The medicine prescribed may be paracetamol tablet among other drugs. The numerological equivalent of the medication has to be calculated from the traditional values assigned to each alphabet of the medication. In the said example, the numerological value for paracetamol will be 3, as evident from the following calculation. P A R A C E T A M O L = 8+1+2+1+3+5+4+1+4+7+3 = 39 = 3 The treatment can be combined or carried out in the following manner to bring about fast recovery.

  1. Paracetamol has 3 as numerological equivalent. The patient may be asked to take the tablet in the direction ruled by number 3 i.e. north. When paracetamol is taken by the patient facing the direction of north, his fever will be easily cured.

  2. As already explained, the Kusa number for 3 is 6. Paracetamol tablet can also be taken by the patient facing the direction ruled by the kusa number 6 i.e. south west. The tablet taken in this manner will have Kusa effect and the positive result of cure will be brought about quickly.

  3. 3 tablets or its Kusa equivalent of 6 tablets may be prescribed by the Physician to have the numerological or Kusa effect.

  4. The patient may be advised to keep the tablets in his tablet kept for the purpose in north direction or the kusa direction of south west for paracetamol.
  5. When tablets are administered by the physician himself, paracetamol tablets can be placed in the north direction or the Kusa direction of south west for paracetamol in his clinical table or shelf.

A doubt may crop up now as to which of the various names of the medications has to be taken into account for calculation of the numerological effect. Paracetamol is called as acetaminophen in the United States and the general public call it by the trade name, Tylenol.

Time and space are two important entities of our universe around which all material things evolve. In all the numerological calculations the concept of space plays an important role. As such the name that prevails in a particular country, town or city has to be reckoned for the purposes of calculation.

In the above said example, patients in the United States will take number 9 for acetaminophen (calculation below) and those in the United Kingdom will take number 3 for paracetamol for numerological and Kusa calculations.

A C E T A M I N O P H E N = 1+3+5+4+1+4+1+5+7+8+5+5+5 = 54 = 9

The popular trade name, Tylenol is not generally taken into account for the numerological calculation, since there are so many brand names for a single medication.


Wherever possible, the course of medical treatment may be commenced on the dates with the combination of 4 and completed on dates having the combination of 8. For e.g. the medical treatment may be commenced on 4, 13, 22nd day of a month and completed on 8, 17, 26th day respectively. Treatments undertaken in this manner will have the Kusa effect and cure will be easily brought about. This concept is based on the Siddhas' saying "Naangil thodangi ettil mudippathu sirappu!". In cases where the treatment is for chronic diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, arthritis, etc., the course of treatment may be easily planned to run in the above said manner. Every month three spells of treatment as aforesaid may be prescribed for the patients suffering from chronic diseases. These spells will take care of the lean spells also, when no medication is used by the patients. Every thing is a question of belief. Believe Siddhas, you will be relieved of all diseases.


There are also other factors which contribute to the speedy recovery of an ailing patient. Though these factors are not part of the Kusa proper, they are the divine concepts advocated by the Siddhas of the Eternity for the welfare of the suffering human beings. When undertaken by the physicians with complete devotion and belief they will bring about miraculous cures and even the killer diseases like AIDS, terminal cancers, meningitis, etc. can be easily brought under control.


Colour is one of the wonderful creations of God! Imagine the world without colours. But how many of us really use and enjoy the bounty showered by the colours. As apparent in every other field, Siddhas have mastered the power and use of colours in our daily life and they have devised means of utilising the power of colors in all walks of our life. Especially in the field of health colours play an important role. Starting from Sunday to Saturday everyday is ruled by one planet. Each planet is having a favourable colour. When we use the colour favourable to a particular planet, the boons granted by that particular planet bring many advantages to us. By making continuous contact with the favourable color of the day, we are bound to get sound body and mind. How to make continous contact with a particular colour throughout the day? Make a guess. ... Your guess is right! Dress. yes, that is the best way of getting continuous contact with a particular color. By wearing the favourable color suitable for the particular day, we can make our life happier and more meaningful. Apart from sound body and mind, the favourable colours make our endeavours in the field of education, sport, business, industrial ventures, etc. a real success!

The colours favourable for all the days in a week are listed below.

Day Favourable color of dress
Sunday Rose or orange

Plain white with red checks or stripes
(red flowers on white background for ladies)

Tuesday Blood red
Wednesday Green
Thursday Yellow
Friday Sky blue
SaturdayDark blue or black

Try wearing dresses of the abovelisted colours and you will feel the difference all around. Apart from enjoying increased confidence, your relationships with your family members, collegues, employees, friends, etc. will greatly improve. If it is not possible to wear all the gartments in the favourable colours for a particular day, at least a portion of your dress may be selected in the favourable colour. Even a handkerchief or towel or inner garment will bring positive results.


Clean and long breath means longevity. Your life is determined not in terms of years, but in terms of number of breaths. Yes, that is true. Man is not born with the number of years calculated in terms of seconds, minutes and hours as is generally believed by the modern man. Every child is born with the number of breathes it will take during its life time. Our Indian sages knew this secret from time immemorial and they have devised means to extend the man's life span by increasing the duration of each breath. Simple mathamatics!! That is the secret of the longest living creatures in our universe viz. tortoises. The life span of tortoises (esp. turtles) ranges from 1000 years to 10000 years! The secret is that each tortoise takes four mintues a single breath! The deep breathing technique developed by our ancient sages is called pranayama. By practising pranayama regularly, you are bound to increase your life span in a healthy manner.


Longevity does not mean living for longer years alone. Mere living is vegetating. That is not the aim of our ancient sages. Living should be meaningful and useful to the society. Pranayama guarantees meaningful and useful living for a human being. Practise this simple technique and you yourself can feel the difference in your style of living.

Select a clean place in your home or working place where there is no much irriating light and sound pollution. Calm atmosphere will do wonders. Be seated on a wooden platform, a blanket with many folds or a comfortable wooden chair so that you can sit upright with comfort. An empty or half filled stomach is advisable. Close your left nostril and try to inhale slowly, very slowly through your right nostril till you feel your stomach and chest is full. After the inhalation process is over, close your right nostril and exhale slowly, very slowly through your left nostril. When the chest and stomach is fully empty, stop the exhalation process and slowly inhale through the same nostril i.e. your left nostril. When the inhalation is complete, close your left nostril and then exhale through your right nostril. This is counted as one round or cycle of pranayama. Keep on inhaling and exhaling in the above manner. During this inhalation or exhalation process, simultaneously chant a manthra or gayathri. These two acts of breathing and chanting manthra should be done simultaneously non-stop. The manthra chosen may be the name of any God or deity or your ishta devata. Your father's name, your mother's name, your guru's name - any name dear to you can be taken as the manthra. Even your own name can be chanted as manthra. Chanting your own name is called suya nama japa and the benefits of suya nama japa are dealt with separately.

Depending on the time and convenience of individuals, the number of rounds of pranayama can be practised with a minimum of 12 rounds and maximum of 51 rounds. Facing the direction of east in the morning and north or east in the evening is a healthy practice. Sitting cross-legged in sukhasana or in the difficult posture of padmasana will bring manifold positive results. One word of caution here. Never try to retain the breath during the practice of pranayama. Retention should be done only in the presence of a satguru, who only knows the real and subtle nature of prana, the primordial energy of the universe. At the same time never discontinue the chanting of the mantra. Without mantra chanting, pranayama becomes only a physical exercise. Pranayama is a spiritual pooja and never degrade it to a mere physical exercise by omitting the God's name. Gents should commence pranayama by inhaling through the right nostril first. Ladies may start the practice from their left nostrils.


Students of the ancient English literature will appreciate the subtle difference between these two words - coming and going! The interesting episode does not end there. There is much difference between the air that we inhale and the air that we exhale. Siddhas have written volumes of literature on these two air currents alone. Suffice it here to learn about the temple dedicated by a benevolent sage called Suthodhaga Maharishi for the breath that we take in during the breathing process. There is an ancient Siva Temple at the holy town called Vanthavasi, Tamilnadu, South India. Suthodhaga Maharishi has performed tapas for millions of years at this temple taking the form of a lizard and revealed the secrets of the breath that we inhale. Meditating on the name of Shri Suthodaga Maharishi before commencing pranayama will bestow long life and sound health, as the very name of the Maharishi alone is a powerful tool for purification of the breath that goes into your body. In Tamil Vanthavasi means breath that has come in! (Vantha = that which has come in, Vasi = breath).

om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya
om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi
om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam

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