Om Sri Vallabha Ganapathi Thunai
Om Sri Angala Parameswari Thunai Om Sri Guruve Saranam


The omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient  Aum

There are thousands of theories, laws, principles regarding creation of this universe, for that matter even our own world called earth. The clash of titans, science and theology never agree right from the beginning on this point. Even among scientists two people never agree with each other. Every religion has got its own sect of dogmas regarding  creation. But the one theory in science which has got a general approval that this theory may be correct was postulated by the Russian astronomer, scientist, George Gamov, “The Big Bang Theory” five decades ago.

In this respect Hinduism holds golden keys for many a riddle not only in the world of science but also got the final word in the field of spiritualism. It authoritatively explains through Upanishads not only the process of creation but the cosmic force that played a key role in the drama of creation in a scientific manner irrefutable even by the so called modern day scientists. Science can only answer to questions that end with “how” and not to the questions of  “why”. Religion alone is capable of touching the point “why”.

The symbol of Love - Omkara !

No one has ever succeeded till date in understanding or analyzing God or His Divine manifestation called religion through a telescope or a microscope. The theory of creation is indeed very difficult for a mundane man to understand when he, with is untrained intellect, tries to digest the supreme cosmic happenings.  Hinduism , the spiritual mother of all religions proclaims boldly that “AUM” variously known as beeja mantra, pranava mantra, moola mantra, aadhi mantra is the root cause of that supreme act of creation.

Every divine soul that had successfully broken the eternal shackle of birth and death should have understood, if not completely, at least a part of the meaning, power and capacity of the three letter world, AUM.

The God of creation, Brahma was thrown into prison by the God of Gods, Lord Muruga when he miserably failed to explain the meaning of AUM.
Even Lord Siva, who is above all creation, protection and destruction, played the role of a humble disciple to his own son Lord Muruga to get the divine upadesam, the meaning of the word AUM.

Besides Lord Siva, only two other Supreme Beings had the sole privilege of knowing through Lord Muruga Himself viz. the Commander-in-Chief of all Siddhas, Lord Agastheeswarar and Saint Arunagirinathar of Thiruannamalai. Such is the nature, power and potentiality of this three lettered word AUM.

Before the birth of AUM in the eternal silence of the space or cosmos, sound was born. This is explicitly stated in the veda. The birth of sound was the primary birth in the entire cosmos.

Lord Agastheeswarar explains this process elaborately to His disciple Sage Boga :
The motionless root factor prakrithi wih three cardinal characters, rajogunam, thamogunam and satvagunam was in equilibrium. The induction of force, i.e. sakthi into the motionless prakrithi caused primary movement altering the state of equilibrium. That initial sound thus born is called AUM.

AUM is  the root cause of all powers or energies of the cosmos. It is incomparable and all that is immortal had been born from this AUM only.
Life is an eternal riddle right from the day of creation. Life has got different meaning to different people in different walks of life.

Sri Arunagirinathar receiving pranava
upadesam from Lord Muruga

For a rich man – life is a gentle smile.
For a poor man – life is an eternal tragedy.
For an idiot – life is a plaything.
For a man of wisdom – life is a maya or delusion.

All the above category of people can have their destinies completely changed through the aid of AUM and becomes  elevated souls and enjoy the blissful life of immortality.
With the above mentioned aspect in  view, Hinduism took the logo of Omkara as its symbol. Hinduism withstood countless millenniums, the onslaught of oppositions, invasions, conversions, etc. successfully only with the aid of the supreme power of AUM which has immortality as one of its facets. All other religions living or dead have their roots and tenets from Hinduism only.

For example,
Buddhism took the aspect of “Love” from Hinduism.
Islam took the aspect of “Universal Brotherhood”
Christianity took the aspect of “Compassion”
Zoroastrianism took the aspect of “Holy Fire” which burns every sin.

To put it in a nutshell Hinduism is the Divine Mother born out of AUM which fosters all the other religions.
Apart from being the Divine Mother of all religions, AUM is known as the sacred seat of all mantras. Any mantra in general will yield its gifts, provided it is chanted by realizing the complete meaning of that mantra. Some specific mantras will adversely affect the chanter, if he pronounces the mantras wrongly. But AUM is the only benevolent moola mantra in the universe, which showers in totality its benefits irrespective of the fact that it is chanted knowingly or unknowingly its sacred meaning.

Such a wonderful mantra can never be understood through book knowledge at all. The one and the only way that is opened to an aspirant to understand this mantra is through the time-honoured tradition of gurukulavasam or guru-disciple relationship, only by the services rendered to a guru one can know the innermost secrets of this mantra. In short, amalgamation of tireless effort, research and Guru’s blessings can reveal the golden meaning of this mantra.

Omkara Swaroopa Lord Muruga
Koohoor Siva temple near Lalgudi

Being the sacred seat of all mantras, AUM is also the root word or beejakshara of the Divine Mother, Sakthi. Beeja signifies the permanency or changeless aspect of anything in the cosmos.
This changeless principle is scientifically explained through physical laws such as :
Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy alters only its form, from chemical to electrical, from electrical to either heat or light, etc.
All the root words of beejaksharams in the world are merged with AUM. He who knows beyond doubt this principle alone is qualified to receive the divine blessings of the Mother Sakthi. The same is clearly indicated in the Upanishad: AUM EKA AKSHARAM BRAHMA.

Both Lord Siva and His consort Sakthi are present in this mantra as its potentiality and formless pervasion respectively.
A cursory glance reveals only one letter in the word, Aum. But if you split it is composed of three letters, i.e. AUM.

A denotes Agaaram
U denotes Ugaaram
M denotes Magaaram

With the merger of the above three words, the power so born can create worlds and destroy worlds. This mantra is both capable of creation and destruction.
Agaaram symbolizes the primary principle – Lord Siva
Ugaaram symbolizes the Sakthi principle – Divine Mother
Magaaram symbolizes the soul which is a slave to its Creators, God and Goddess.

The same was written by Saint Thiruvalluvar as,

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

In a day-to-day life we can practically witness the same by listening to a baby calling its mother ‘amma’. Even a calf irrespective of its nationality calls its mother, ‘amma’.
Lord Siva as already stated, the first principle of AUM has been unanimously accepted by all celestials as well as mundane entities as the Leader of all that has been created. Any leader should have basically three qualities i.e. capable of creation, protection and destruction.

Hence, Lord Siva who performs all the three duties is described by the author of Periapuranam, Saint Sekkizhar as :

உலகெலாம் உணர்ந்து ஓதற்கரியவன்
நிலவுலாவிய நீர்மலி வேணியன்
அலகில் சோதியன் அம்பலத்து ஆடுவான்
மலர் சிலம்படி வாழ்த்தி வணங்குவாம்

Hence the primary duty of a soul is to always pay obeisance to its Creator, who is in other words AUM itself, which is behind all creation and the director of all cosmic dramas.
The lotus feet of Almighty God can be reached in two ways. viz.

  1. Through the normal course of family life
  2. By renouncing everything as sanyasin .

Of the two ways, even sanyasins unanimously pass their verdict that family way is the best among the two. One should reach God living a family-life,  gradually renouncing  everything and then become a sanyasin. This is the gradual process of maturing with time.

Hence both the family man as well as sanyasin can immensely benefit through the mantra AUM according to their dharmas.

AUM contains five type of objects (i) Paramanma (ii) Upayam (iii) Upeyam (iv) Siddhu and (v) Asiddhu. All the above five as a whole emphasize that a soul is solely bound to be a slave to its Creator.

One of the basic tenets of Hinduism is God is Guru and Guru is God. Both are inseparable in all aspects. Any service rendered  to Guru, is at all costs rendered to God. This quality of service to God through service to Guru is the benevolent gift by AUM.

Summarising all the above, one can come to a conclusion that man should not be a slave to himself nor to any other person, but with eternal love and intense devotion should be a slave to God alone.

Talking about Guru, there are multiples of them viz. Raja Guru, Dynasty Guru, Veda Guru, Jagath Guru, Temple Guru, etc. The Temple Guru is the individual who is always near God performing poojas touching the Divine Form. If we take any prasadam from his hand, it is considered highly auspicious.

Regarding woman, that too, a married woman her husband is the only Guru by all means and at all costs. If the husband deviates from the moral and ethical code, then whoever is considered as Jagath Guru by one and all that person may be treated as her Guru.

Coming to this current century still AUM can be very effectively and successfully benefited by its power and blessing. A few examples are given below :

  1. When chanting any mantra or performing any type of pooja and other austerities, one should always sit on a seat and should not sit on an empty floor. The powerful earth will suck away all the powers that may accrue while performing the above austerities. When certain unavoidable circumstances compel a man to perform his austerities without a seat AUM can come to his rescue to prevent the bad effects in doing so. All that a man should do is to meditate thrice on AUM, close either one of his nostrils, suck the air with the intense thought of AUM into his lungs, pause for some time, then swallow the entire thing. After that without uttering a world chanting the mantra in his mind should blow the air on the empty floor where he is going to sit and perform his poojas without a seat.
    The above remedy was suggested by the great Siddha Purusha Poiyapillai Siddhar.

  2. Money is considered and respected as a symbol of the Mother Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Touching the money with left hand is considered most inauspicious and that will reduce the wealth of any man. But in the modern days, one way or the other man is forced to touch the money by his left hand which is usually unavoidable. To nullify the ill effect thus created by touching the money with the left hand, AUM should be chanted eight times mentally, control the breath, blow the air on the left hand (money) and then touch the same with the right hand – Poiyapillai Siddhar.

  3. Good and clean house keeping is one of the main duties  of a woman either married or unmarried.  Sweeping the house twice a day is a must in any Hindu’s family and this should always be done by women folk only. Men should never touch a sweeping broom nor sweep the house excepting when cleaning a temple, church or mosque which is a service to God. If a man sweeps the floor, the result of such an act will totally reduce his wealth. Unknowingly if anyone does such an act, AUM saves them from the calamity. All that he has to do is to imagine the inscription of AUM is in his right or left palm, then meditate on that and blow the palm 18 times.

  4. Any individual man or woman at any given time or place on this earth are constantly bombarded by millions of thought waves or forms generated by others. These thought waves are also one of the causes for good or bad dreams. To avoid bad dreams, AUM can immensely help a man or woman. All that they have to do is : A man is to chant Aum Shakthi 108 times meditating the Divine Form of Mother Goddess and then lie down on his left side. The wife in the same manner should meditate or concentrate her husband’s face and chant 108 times her husband’s name adding the prefix AUM and lie down facing her husband on her right hand side. At the verge of sleep two astral entities , one green in colour from the male’s body and the other red in color from the female’s body will emerge protecting both husband and wife from 10 pm to 4 am in the morning filtering all bad or negative vibrations or elements from light and sound sources and only allowing good vibrations to pass through them to the respective bodies.

  5. Evolved souls consider the human birth for that matter any birth as a cardinal debt for the incarnated soul in that particular body. Even a billionaire is a debtor in the eye of God having born in this world to square off all his debts accumulated through many previous births.

Apart from the big debt of birth, every man becomes a debtor one way or the other financially in some stage of his life. Some unfortunate souls live an entire life as debtors due to their past karmas. Astrology precisely pinpoints such individual’s fate by the planets in the individual’s horoscope. In any horoscope if the planet belonging to the 12th house is seated in the second house and the second house planet is seated in the debt aspect and the 9th house planet becomes weakened, this individual will be a permanent debtor throughout his life.

Even such a fate can be partially if not completely changed by the blessings of AUM. The above individual for that matter any debtor should imagine AUM pervading throughout his entire body, chant the AUM continuously go to different places and collect the sacred grass called ‘arugampul’ and feed the grass to the sacred cow. By doing so he can get rid of all his debts gradually and finally become a debt free man.

To achieve success in any attempt or venture, all that one has to do is to dedicate his/her act to the Almighty God saying, “Oh God, I do not know whether the action I propose to do is good or bad to me, however I dedicate the act to You. Please bless me with success, if the act will do good to me.’ Then one has to meditate AUM 108 times properly. After that raise both hands and symbolize with one hand Siva mudhra of Maan (deer) and Mazhu (Weapon) and the other hand, Maha Vishnu’s symbol of Sangu (conch) and Chakra (wheel) along with the holy Mother’s trishulam (trident) as symbol at the centre. Then blow the sound of AUM in between the images. Thereafter one should touch the paper or application form or anything, as the case may be, for achieving success. No other recommendations are absolutely necessary for success, besides the above procedure.

Visiting any sick person empty handed is strictly forbidden according to all religious customs. People should always carry some fruits for the sick person. Only a few types of fruits are capable of absorbing the vibrations of AUM totally. They are lemon, apple, orange, etc. If a person intends to carry an apple while visiting a sick person, he can fulfill not only the custom but also eradicate the disease by presenting the fruit saturating it with the vibrations of AUM. All that he has to do is to hold the fruit in between the thumb and index finger (fore-finger), then chant AUM 1008 times silently, blow the air thus saturated with the vibrations of AUM on the two fingers holding the fruit and also at the bottom of the fingers. Then cover the fruit fully with a lotus leaf. He should thoroughly make sure that nobody touches the fruit before it is presented to the sick person to whom he wishes to give the fruit. While carrying the fruit to the sick person, all the time, he has to chant AUM silently. If the sick person eats such a fruit in the morning he is bound to recover from any illness in the evening by all means through the divine blessings of AUM present in that fruit.

In the light of the above, one can clearly understand the divine qualities of AUM i.e. it is capable of doing anything irrespective of time and space. Any man, a saint or a sinner, can change his destiny by chanting this mono syllable with total dedication and devotion. All the saints, sages and siddhas who have either attained the Lotus Feet of God or who serve the humanity at large are the living examples of the Divine Blessings of the Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient mono syllable AUM.

Please visualise the divine symbols below to achieve success in any attempt or venture. Only for good causes

Om Guruve Saranam

om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya
om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi
om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam

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